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I am pleased to announce that we are launching our VCI Seminars At Sea 2014® campaign; we started this VPC Seminars At Sea® series in 1995, with a leadership cruise to Alaska, and have alternated one week with two week Seminars At Sea® cruises since the turn of the century (I found many vets did not UNWIND for 5-7 days, so this longer version is an attempt to get them to relax with family and friends - yes, family and friends also cruise with us, to get the deals we offer and to share the experience with their VET friends). Some practices send key staff members as recognition/reward for their practice contributions. Heck, we even had one vet send his wife solo, so she could unwind after the wedding of a daughter (she joined in on our discussions [her career had been as an executive administrative assistant and was a total delight for all). For those registering for the seminars (not required to get the good cruise prices from our booking agent), we will offer 24 credit hours of continuing education, from a diverse faculty, including some NON-VET faculty to add some real perspective to the experiential learning opportunities.


Oh yes, for those wishing to know the itinerary, it is an Alaskan Cruise, Seward southward to Vancouver/Seattle (crusie lines have not yet released the itineraries), on a Celebrity, Holland, or Royal Caribbean ship, sailing later in the season when mosquitos have retired and salmon are running. Once we have the specific details, please request cruise details, travel information, and associated costs from our cruise director.


NOTE: we conduct seminar sessions only when "at sea" . . . when there is a port call, we do not schedule anything and everyone is free to plan their own adventures.  We do sit together at the evening meals, faculty and participants, at reserved tables, so we can share stories and expereinces; this is why it is essential to book with our cruise director, since he must know names and cabins of all participants & faculty.


It is my wish that as many veterinarians (and their friends) as possible learn to be cruisers, combining continuing education with social relaxation . . . we have a consultant at every table for the dining room each evening, but we find after ports of call, we seldom talk veterinary medicine at supper, to the great relief of spouses and friends. Where else can you socialize with a diverse and challenging continuing education faculty team for 7 days, and get one-on-one time by mutual agreement, and not have to pay anything additional? The ultimate "wet lab" when you meet in one of the pubs, wine bar or champagne bar on board. :>)